Plurk anyone?

Turtlegirl76 got me into this. I’m just starting out and thought it’s a nice kind of virtual post-it.

Plurk me!

Patrick was sleepy and clinging to me when I came upon this view as we walked to the car at 5.45 this morning. Keeping my son steady with my hips and both hands on the camera, I took this shot. Turned out better than I thought it would.

Eerie fog was rolling in this morning as we drove towards the Nad Al Sheba exit on Emirates Road. I was taking a nap in the car as usual and Bernie nudged me. I opened my eyes to see the clouds had descended upon Dubai. The camera was whipped out of my bag in record time but the fog was rolling by so quickly that it either obscured my view or the perfect shot blew past me.

And before you ask, I had the camera with me because yesterday when I didn’t have it with me there was this most beautiful scene of the moon low on the west as it got ready for bed. It was full too. But today it had a sliver missing, still as beautiful though.

The behemoth that is Burj Dubai rising high above the fog.

And of course I had to take a photograph of the moon too!

How was your hump day?

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