Sniffles and head cold

This post has been in draft for a few days now. Just can’t get to it because this sore throat and head cold is getting to me real bad. I know, Lee, I know, it’s all my fault for not looking after myself better. 🙂

Not much has been happening in these parts apart from the usual. The house needs one massive spring cleaning which I will get started just as soon as this nasty cold leaves. The kids are A-okay. Exams results are trickling in and they are good. They need a bit more focus on Maths but everything else is good. Viel is on her mid-terms soon and will be sorting out her passport renewal and travel documents so she can come home in March and celebrate her birthday here.

Last Friday, we went out to Safa Park to hopefully try and catch the monthly flea market. However the aroma of the barbecue distracted us all and all thoughts of fleas flew out the window. I had a nice visit from two knitter friends, Hala and Jackie (and her adorable twins and hubby).

And of course I had fun with the camera.

There has got to be a whole new universe of life in here

Even the tiniest spray of flowers look beautiful up close

An orange this time, the only apple in the place got snatched up quickly!

And pine cones! Yes, we have pine trees in Dubai, just not the fancy ones

This was as close as the bird would let me go

Not a very good photo but I love the light peeking through the clouds

This next set of photographs were taken by my daughter Aibi.

Oh yes, she did! She made me pose with her Japanese apple a la Twilight.
I’m such a sucker too!

She was working on some math problems before lunch

A pretty yellow bougainvillae

I don’t know what this is but I love this shot

It warms my heart that she found these things and photographed them well

Not the healthiest bunch of leaves but I like the angles

She makes her Mama proud!
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