Up Close and Personal

This stalk of white lily we bought last Friday was starting to wilt so I had little time left to do my macros on it. I grabbed the desk lamp I brought home from the office and set up on the coffee table in front of the TV.

Man, I’d forgotten how much work was involved in setting up your camera and lining up your shots. My back was hurting even before I took the first photo!

I didn’t get much because the water droplets won’t stay put and the yellow pollen-lading thing on the lilies kept swirling around. Plus I was dying to finish and enjoy the cup of coffee my dear husband made for me! Here are a few fruits of my labours.

I’ve ‘pollen’ for you…

Nice butt … for a flower

Now this photo is interesting. I have the camera set on my favourite Av mode with the flash on because it was indoors. So why is my foreground image still dark while the background absorbed the flash?

Can you guess what this is?

So I have a thing for butts. Flower butts. Fruit butts. I grabbed one of Aibi’s Japanese apples from the fridge and posed it in front of the camera. She loved the limelight!

Does this light make my butt look big?

Oh butts and stalks! I think this is set at f20 and I still couldn’t get a sharp image. Still blew me away though as this thing was quite small and the photo turned out like this.

I’m ready for my close-up!

Not as productive as I would have liked, but then again this was past 10pm on a school night and I was cranky without the coffee. I will have to do better maybe during the day, out in the park or something. I might have a chance to do that as we are going to the Safa Park Flea Market on Saturday.

Okay, I have to get off the internet now and start knitting on my February Lady Sweater. I’ve just gone past the second buttonhole and still have miles to go. And there are only 24 days left in the month!

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