What a week!

I woke up on a Sunday. I blinked and then it was the weekend. How do you figure that?

I wish time would slow down some. It’s not like I don’t try to live in the moment, but the moment usually rushes by so fast that you don’t even realize it came until it’s gone. The work week feels long but in reality it flurries by so quickly. Tim (and Andy) decided to give everyone a let-your-hair-down-and-relax day.

On the 3rd Thursday of every month we close the office an hour early and head out to Club 8 at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel for drinks, a game of pool and just relaxing. The first one happened last Thursday and I decided to go along. It was fun, we were in a relaxed atmosphere, no business-talk, just fun.

Tim started a game of Killer, basically just sink a ball, any ball on the pool table. You pay Dh10 to get in. I totally messed up my shot but it was fun. I think 5 people ended up splitting the pot money. I don’t normally drink so that gin and tonic rushed to my head a little too quickly. I’d go again next time, and every time because it’s good to see my colleagues outside work and see what they’re really like.

Kathy and Edelyn
And yes I was there.
Getting up at 4am and hitting the sack at around 12 midnight every day for 5 consecutive days takes so much out of me that this is what I usually do on Fridays: put my feet up, watch my TV shows for the week and knit. If I can help it I don’t cook and hardly get up. The kids offer periodic breaks though when they want me to fix something in the kitchen.

I need to knit more socks for myself. My Swan Songs take so much toll, I wear them all the time at home. They are so comfy and warm. That’s my latest project on my lap, a fabulous hat with a cabled brim by Alexandra Virgiel. I still get cold so I needed to make myself a hat. It’s a very easy pattern to follow, almost never check ed the printed copy I had because the cables were quite easy. I’m not particularly happy with the decreases but once you put the hat on, it stretches out well. I added a pompom on top because I think a knitted hat is never complete without a pompom, or two, or three on top.

Knitting Friday
Best shot I could take while standing in front of the mirror
I had to get Patrick to wear it for me so I can take a photo of the top

I am working on the picot-edge cuff of the Leyburns and hope to get going on the leg of the second sock and then , just maybe, finish it off by tomorrow.
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