KISSed Muses

Warning: shameless plug within this post.

KISSed Muses is a concept, a website, an LJ community and eventually a forum born out of Lee‘s mantra which is “Less is more, less is more.”. Too true, especially when applied to works of graphic arts.

I met Lee through a fan forum, which shall rename nameless for so many reasons, where we hung around in the art threads, in particular the wallpaper thread. I learned a lot of things from Lee and E and CastbyCat and others so that when the forum started feeling a bit stuffy due to snotty guidelines, we decided to band together and form a community of like-minded individuals who just want to play around in Photoshop.

When other members post their work and we love it for its simplicity and unclutteredness, we would say it’s a KISSed work of art, i.e. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Thus, the idea for KISSed Muses, or KM as we call it, was born.

We started out in LiveJournal as a small community. It flourished for a bit but then we found that the format of LJ is not ideal for what we wanted to achieve. We shopped around for a domain and hosting and decided to go down the phpBB route. Between a handful of us, we figured out the workings of the forum, all of it over YM chats on weekends and emails.

Here are a few of the work I created for and posted in KM.

This was one of the first weekly Colour Challenges which Lee diligently put up back when we were in LJ format. The idea was she would pick an unusual colour name from the Crayola website and you have to create a small banner interpreting that colour. This was of course for a crayon called Jazzberry Jam.

This one was just something I cooked up when I saw the stock image. Ewan looked really good with that kitty. I posted this on DeviantArt and it was deleted because it was a fanart.

One other thing that Lee got me hooked on was fashion stock images. This is a wallpaper using stock from LJ’s Hires Hotties community with plenty of brushes from all over the place. You will find my resource list in my LiveJournal account.

That felt good. I’m off to find some more of these images to share with you.
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