I used to do this

Once upon a long ago, I used to play with textures, colour and typeface. I wasn’t aiming to be a whiz about it, just plain outlet of creativity (if I had any!) and what I was feeling at the time. Sometimes it was a response to a verbal or graphic challenge.

I’m talking about Photoshop, by the way.

There was a period of time when I would spend the entire time on the PC just poring over blogs and websites, hunting down the perfect set of textures or brush or effect. I also amassed a sizeable amount of stock images and resources which unfortunately I have not been able to devote any attention to in the past year.

The most Photoshopping (or PSsing as Lee calls it) I do these days are office-related, doing up a flyer or an advert for the paper or the odd cropping of images for the company website.

I took a trip down memory lane the other day and thought I’d post some of the work I’ve done. Perhaps it would summon The Muse and get me playing with textures, patterns and typeface again.

I called this one Padded Room. The stock images are from IT-Hammar-Stock and Lebstock at DeviantArt. Sorry I don’t have the links. Textures are mine. A bit dark, both in appearance and mood but I liked it at the time. I still do actually.

Särkynyt Sydän, or Bleeding Heart I think in Finnish. The image is a stock photography from jjuuhhaa at DeviantArt and the texture is mine. I just love how all the elements came together in this one and now wish I made a print-sized version of it.

More to follow as I try to find The Muse.

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