This post had been languishing in my drafts for a week now but every time I try to compose something to go along with the photos, I end up with nothing. So I’ll just try a running commentary. Keep up with me please. Thanks.

I tried to remember some of the basics from last year’s Night Shot class.
Apart from a rather wonky tripod, I think this shot came out okay.
The view from across Khalid Lagoon at the Sharjah Corniche.

See what I mean about a wonky tripod?
My horizon is off.
Same view but shifted abit to the right.

Ah, pictures of light trails fascinate me so I tried my hand at it.
I think the presence of too many light sources on the street ruined this shot.

On the Sharjah Corniche the Municipality created this open park area with rows of date trees illuminated at night. I’ve always wanted to stop and take photos of them. Earlier last week I managed to do just that. You can see my kids blurring past as they played hide and seek.
I like how either side of this shot have different levels of exposure.
All the night shots were taken using Sigma 70-300mm on Manual, ISO100 in varying exposure settings.

Using the Nifty Fifty as nature (or Canon!) intended
A bit under exposed I think but I like the ferris wheel in the background.
Taken one Friday evening at the Global Village.

Ah, now this one took me about 12 shots and 4 different aperture settings
to get right. It’s still not quite how I wanted it but I love it anyway.
She hated staying still for longer than 3 seconds.

The boys gladly posing for me.
I love it when they agree to show off my hand knits!

Sunset at the Global Village.
Contrast tweaked a bit but the colour of the sky is accurate.

And of course Isabelle had to have a photo too.
My sister finally found a button suitable for the hat.

Gratuitious yarn shot. 🙂
My acquisition from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Barn Sale in December 2008.
Well, part of it anyway. Two more skeins of the purply one on the right were left out of the shipment.
In recompense BMFA agreed to let me keep the skein they sent and they will send me the 3 skeins I originally ordered. Gotta love JoAnn and Tina and everyone at Blue Moon!
L to R: Ravenscroft LW, Thraven MW, Jasper MW

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