First FOs of 2009

Nope, not the Leyburns. Those had to be ripped back to the start of both heels because I made the left one too long and it didn’t fit my daughter. I didn’t know anyone in the family who have mismatched feet so there was no hope to give it to anyone else. So I ripped and on the needles they stayed, for a few days now in fact. I’m rethinking the short row heel and believe that I have found the perfect little recipe for it. So I will return to the Leyburns this weekend.

In the meantime, I set up the yarns for the next few projects: Thujas for the boys. My sons and my nephew. But those are not my first finished project of the year.

They’re Toasties! Fingerless gloves for Patrick and Isabelle. Sort of born out of the blue, really. Patrick had been nagging me to make him a pair and I gave in. Actually there’s plenty from the yarn that he chose for his socks so there was no reason not to do it.

These babies flew right off the needles! Now I know why people knit so much of them. I started Patrick’s on Friday night and finished the first glove before bedtime. I worked on the second one while we were out at the Mall of the Emirates yesterday and was doing the thumb by the time we got home.

Since I wasn’t ready to touch the Leyburns again, and I pegged these raspberry hand-dyed wool cakes of yarn from my stash as socks for Isabelle, and there’s plenty of them, I decided to knit a pair for her. While catching up on episodes of Psych, NCIS and Numb3rs, I managed to finish the pair!

I bring you my Toasties.

Yarn: Blue is Artyarns Supermerino, Pink is a hand-dyed yarn bought from PassionateMind at Ravelry
Needle: 3.5mm Knit Picks DPNs
Finished Size: 15cm circumference and about 12cm length

I’ll be blocking them tonight.

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