Urge to Purge

Pardon the rush of posts. I want to get these photos posted before I start my 2009 blog-o-rama. This first photo is dedicated to my friend, Litchi! This bunch of lychees are the sweetest ever, and the cherries were not bad either.

Okay, macros then.

I called this photo Bite! Bite of what, Lee asked. Well, it’s a praline-filled chocolate ball from the children’s Christmas grab bag. Teeth marks courtesy of yours truly.

Joseph had a bag of jelly buttons and I borrowed three of them for these next two shots.
My sister-in-law Linell made a seafood and veggie soup on Christmas Day at the park. I borrowed the mushrooms before they got dunked in the broth.

I’ve always envied my sister’s long lashes. She got the good genes in the family. Here is a close up of her lashes.

There were plenty of little white flowers which fell on the walkways at the park. I picked out one which was the least damaged and asked it to pose for me. I love its yellow tips.

On Christmas Eve when we gave out presents to the kids, I forgot to give Isabelle hers because the box got jammed underneath the sofa when we moved the furniture around to accomodate everyone for dinner. I discovered it the following day and brought it with us to the park. Here is a detail of the gold ribbon on the present.

Okay, so that’s it for photographs from December. Now I can move on to New Year’s photos.
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