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T minus 7.15 hours and it’s now boring beyond words here at work.

No one is doing any work, just chatting, surfing the internet, doodling. Doodling? Well, that shows you. I thought I’d be more productive and catch you up on photos that I haven’t posted here. Here are more photos from our day at the park on Christmas Day.

Aibi running around after Isabelle

Isabelle and Ronan, or their feet at least, relaxing at the park after ghours if

Joseph’s Chucks were taking a break too.

My Swan Song socks went out and about for the first time. And they liked it!

My happy feet.

Even my Hush Puppies loved the socks!

The park had plenty of stuff for photo opportunities. Take this tree stump for instance!

Or this flower, not sure what it’s called but my daughter said it looked like a weird lily.

While we were at he park, one of Patric;s godmother stopped by to give him his Christmas present. This was the moment when he opened the box and found an MP4 player inside!

And this was him earlier when all the kids went to the playground area. He asked me where his Superman cape was.

Joseph chilled out as ever.

Aibi had a tough time getting off of the swing!

Dubai is one of the few places on the planet where you will find shops of the same type within a stone’s throw of each other. Sometimes even next door to each other!

I don’t like having my photo taken but Bernie snuck this one when I wasn’t looking and I kind of like it. Notice the cable cars blurred in the background.

Ah, this one I posed for and I like, just like any photo with my son Patrick.

And then it was Bernie’s turn.

Edit: This posthas been in draft for the past two days and now I have to post this as I have the New Year’s Eve and January 1st photos to post.

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