I think Lee might be right

It’s tough for me to admit it, but I will. Lee, my friend, you are right. This is obsessive compulsive behaviour. Remember those days when we were both quite enamoured by a certain brown-eyed Englishman and we were exploring the world of Photoshop wonders for teh first time? It’s kinda like that for me with knitting.

It’s a whole new world of wonders and finding kindred spirit who are just as passionate about it makes it just that bit more enjoyable. The yarn buying and gawking at patterns is obsessive compulsive, yes but the actual knitting is my therapy. Last night, Bernie tried on the socks I knitted for him for the first time and he was quite pleased with them, said he loves them. That was quite a moment for us.

So, obsessive compulsive? Hell yeah!

That felt good having it out like that. Now back to normal programming.

I gave Aibi a bonsai starter kit for Christmas – she who is into all things Japanese at the moment – and I helped set it up a few days ago. This morning I was so pleased to see that the hyssop seeds are sprouting in one of the pots. I’m sure she’ll be so excited when she wakes up and sees this.

And now, about them really expensive needles. It came in one of those cardboard tubes and inside was this plastic tube looking all fancy and important. There was tissue paper inside.

The tissue paper rolled out to reveal these beauties. Now when you order at SNA online, you specify the needle type (DPN or straight) and size, length, type of tip (stiletto, middy or blunt) and cap (teardrop, spiral or bell). You do not select the colour of the shaft, they do that for you. So I did not know what colour I was getting. I got the green and I am mighty pleased about it.

The needles are so light to the touch. The size is etched onto the shaft so you won’t forget. Everything about it just screams fine craftsmanship. If it weren’t so darned expensive I would push my luck and ask my husband to fund a gradual replacement plan for my needles!

I love the bell caps! They curve ever so slightly and do not add any weight to the needles. Next time I buy I will definitely have to try the spiral caps.

I chose stiletto tips because nothing bugs me more than struggling to do k3tog’s ! They’re probably dangerous to an unsuspecting family member so I will have to remember to not keep these lying around the sofa. I cant’ wait to try these babies out!
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