I meant to say something witty

…but I can’t come up with anything.

I am not a leader. Never been, never fancied myself to be one. I am not a blind follower either. I do have my own opinion, it’s just that most of the time it mirrors others’ and I am seen to be following the masses. Sometimes it’s also easier for the mind and soul to go with the flow. There’s less friction, less confrontation, more getting along well with others. Mostly this is the reason I follow.

Also because when the Yarn Harlot waves her magic knitter’s hands, magic tends to happen.

In the links above, Stephanie talked about resisting Brooklyn Tweed’s Striped Scarf just because everyone did it. If you clicked on any of the links above, you’d find proof that the Yarn Harlot is only human after all as she succumbed to the power of beautiful pieces of knitted objects.

I felt like that with socks. I still do sometimes. People said, once you knit a pair of socks, you will not want to stop. Bollocks I said! What about those lovely cardigans and scarves and mittens? Then I began to wonder when most of the popular online yarn shops specialize in sock yarns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because sock yarns are perfect for other projects too. I’ve seen shawls knitted with Wollmeise and Socks That Rock. Hats and mittens knitted with Shibui Socks and Lorna’s Laces. And before you know it I was reading up on sock knitting techniques, browsing through yarn e-shops, looking for an easy beginner’s pattern and then, and this is the really fun part, I started buying sock yarn.

Why, as recently as one week ago I was one of those hundreds if not thousands of people across the world madly clicking away to register to the 2009 Rockin’ Sock Club! I managed to get in the day after registration began so I’m cool now. My sock yarn stash is nowhere near decent I think but I have fallen in love with it. Also having conquered my fear of DPNs earlier this year, it’s a huge step towards improving my sock knitting skills. Of course, I have to actually knit and finish a pair of socks first.

Which I did!

My Swan Song Toe-up Socks are done. (Sshhh, don’t even mention the hibernating Jaywalkers). Took longer than I would have liked only because I had quite a lot on my plate, still do. But these are now blocked and stored in my sock drawer ready to make their first outing on Christmas Day when we hit the park for barbecue and my nephew/godson’s birthday celebration. I can’t wait to show these off!

I just cast-on for a pair of Thuja’s for Bernie and he loves the way it looks. It is a fast knit but then again I will probably not finish it in time (Does a Christmas morning deadline sound a bit too optimistic?). Who cares? I am knitting something I get so much fun out of and it shows my husband I do not just buy yarn. I do knit useful stuff with them.

Oh yes, three days to go until C-Day. I’m not remotely ready. The ham is still in the meat section of my favourite shop somewhere but at least I know what I will be cooking. It’s the usual pot luck dinner in our place plus presents for the kids and lots of fun. No Dom Perignon this year I’m afraid but I do have plenty of red wine which will compliment most of our dinner items.

The mini-sweaters are on the tree but I didn’t have time to make mini-hangers so I just stuck them onto the branches.

Andback to our first topic above, any guesses what destiny lies beyond the new year for these beauties?

Yep, you guessed it. Striped Scarves. I hope the colourways I chose would blend well together. If Stephanie’s posts did not make you green with envy, take a look at these pretties from Flickr. This should set me on the right track if I want to give only knitted gifts for Christmas next year.
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