Roslin Isabelle

My sister was pregnant with her second child when she read my copy of The Da Vinci Code. She and her husband were choosing names at the time and wanted to keep on with the pattern of their son’s name, two names starting with each of their initials, R and I. It was supposed to be R and F, their names are Roberto and Florinda, but when my nephew was born on Christmas Day they dropped the Francis in honour of Immanuel which matched anyway because my sister’s nickname starts with an I.

When we were young and had new puppies in the house, we would all take a slip of paper and write out our preferred name for the pup. The designated owner of the puppy would then pick a name out of the hat and the name would thenbe given to the puppy. It was hilarious when my sister did this with the daughter she was expecting at the time. She and her husband decided on about 5 names and put each of those names on a slip of paper and got one of the other nephews to pick one.

I can’t remember now what the other names were but the winner was Roslin Isabelle. Roslin was of course lifted from the novel where supposedly the clan Saint Claire holds the secrets of the mystery that is The Holy Grail. My sister hardly ever reads novels these days – she still hasn’t finished reading Harry Potter 7 – so it was a big thing for her to choose a name from a book, granted there is actually a Roslin in the real world as in Roslin Chapel and Roslin Castle in Scotland.

So, on to photographs of Roslin Isabelle, or Belle-Belle, or Belly Button as we call her.

The first seven photos were taken during our weekend in Al Ain. Here she is trying on cousin Joseph’s hat. Seems like a good fit for her so next time I knit her a hat it will be this size.

She loves making faces!

In the play area at the hotel. She had the whole place to herself and couldn’t decide where to play first! Pink suits her.

On the way back to Dubai we stopped by the new mall in Al Ain where Aibi tried on her skating skills in the brand new ice rink. My sister needed a good photo of Belle-Belle for her birthday cake so over 60% of my photos during our trip were of hers! We didn’t have any problems asking her to pose because every time she saw a camera in front of her, she would smile or strike a pose. Here she is wearing the Malabrigo hat I made her while Aibi lent her scarf made from the same material.

I told you she knows how to play up for the camera!




That last photo turned out to be the money shot and ended up on her 3rd birthday cake!

She also has a knack behind the camera – which reminds me, I need to get the photo she took of me from my sister.

One week ago, this little lady turned 3. I helped tame her wavy hair and I think I succeeded because her face was visible the entire time! This is just one of many photos where she had a ready smile whenever a camera was shoved in front of her face.

I love this shot, even though it’s very low light. The numeric candle 3 was used by her brother. My sister keeps all the candles from her son’s cakes to be used for her daughter’s, which I think is a great thing to do. Look at that concentration!
Roslin Isabelle and Ronan Immanuel. I didn’t set up this shot, they just came together like this, which makes this photo really special. By the way, Belle-Belle is wearing my Little Flowers shawl.

Then came Chickie the Mascot and she danced like it was 1999!

I love this stolen shot. She was looking at her father popping balloons on the floor and kept laughing at each pop. That’s my brother holding her.

All that partying tired out our little Princess.

This is clearly not Isabelle but my son earns an honourable mention because he wore a necktie to the party and managed to keep it on. This is the most decent shot I have because he didn’t stop moving once we got to the party.

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