I’m going to open a flower shop!

I turned 37 years old last Sunday.

I don’t feel my age, not really despite the recent outburst of complaints about being exhausted and not having enough time to live a little. I still see myself as something in my late teens, early twenties. But with a bank account, a credit card and a job. Oh and a family. Yes.

I never really celebrate my birthday and the people around my life don’t bend over backwards either to throw a surprise party or anything like that. It’s just another day we let pass by as usual, except maybe with a little extra TLC thrown in to make it more memorable than any other day.

This year is a little different though. It was a great day in the office. I had three different sets of people sang me a Happy Birthday, one of them over speaker phone no less! The boss gave me a card and a nice little gift which was alreday wrapped and waiting on his desk when we got in. A couple of the girls also gave me sweet little gifts. And I had three bouquets of beautiful flowers, on three different days!

The yellow roses here were from the bouquet given by the entire team at the office, including the boss. It had lilies along with it but the smell was a bit too much so I chucked them out. I love white lilies but the smell does not suit our little flat. They gave those to me on my actual birthday. The orange roses and lilac chrysanthemums were from a bouquet given by Rania the following day because she wasn’t able to make it to work on my birthday.

Aren’t they pretty?

And then yesterday, Clem left a beautiful bouquet of red roses, white carnation and something else I don’t know the name of on my desk along with the craziest birthday card and a box of chocolates! The chocolates are still in the office and I keep forgetting to bring them home.

I love the deep red against the brilliant white

This photo was courtesy of Ahmed who insisted I pose against the company Previa.

So I had a bouquet of fresh flowers three days in a row. The husband didn’t ask any questions about them. Hmm…could it be he has finally grown up?

An LJ friends asked me to take photos of my lenses and I did. Just wanted to share a photo of my Nifty Fifty. Can’t get enough of this little baby.

Taken using the 18-55mm kit lens, the first time I used it since Ibought the Nifty Fifty

Oh and cake! My cousin Jade came over to our house the day before my birthdayand got me this delicious double layer, triple chocolate cake. No, I didn’t make a wish and blow the candle. I’m too old for that now.

I can still taste the chocolate on my mouth

And would a blog post from me be complete without some knitting thrown in? Well, not exactly knitting but crochet. My Worldwide Christmas Stocking Swap partner Larcy sent me a package which arrived a week ago. I was supposed to pick it up from the post office last Thursday but with the traffic caused by the Palm Atlantis opening, we didn’t make it in time to the post office. So I had the entire weekend to get even more anxious and excited and was rewarded on my birthday with the most amazing stocking swap package ever!

She sent me:

  • A huge crochet stocking lovingly decorated with a cactus on one side and a coyote on another. Larcy is from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • A snowman tote bag
  • A zipped up make-up kit I think which I will use to store my knitting notions
  • An Arizona fridge magnet
  • An oval ceramic Christmas decoration
  • Chocolate!
  • A 2009 Arizona calendar
  • Two knitting Q&A type books
  • A skein each of Malabrigo Silky Merino and Lorna’s Laces Handpainted sock yarn
Ain’t it shiny?

Christmas is early this year for me

Finally, an LJ friend sent me a photo of her wearing the wristwarmers I knitted for her. So surreal to see something I made and know that it’s now halfway around the world.

Remember Spidey with the needles? Well, I completed that mini-sweater and off it went along with wristwarmers to Sarah. Alas, Action!Joe is a work-out buff so the sweater didn’t fit him. He kindly donated it to Action!Ben instead. Action!Joe loves sky blue and so he will get a properly fitted sky blue sweater soon.

I’m a year older so you will have to excuse me if I get tired too quickly these days. I need sleep.

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