Critters and Knits

I wish we had rose bushes here at home or in the office so I can stop every now and then and smell the blossoms.


Life is one blur at the moment. I remember snippets of sharp focused images of the kids and having a meal and taking a few precious alone time but that’s it. Everything else is a blur. Can you believe it’s mid-November already?! Where did the year go? Have you started on your Christmas shopping list?

It’s my father’s birthday on Friday so I expect a long telephone chat. Not sure yet what to give him but whatever it is my cousin Jade will take it with her when she goes home for the holidays. Lucky bitch.

Isn’t he a cutie?

Meet Sweater, pet in my son Joseph’s freshman year class. He got Sweater tonight and we took care of him, gave him lots of leaves to chew on and changed the stuffing on his cage so it’s fresh and comfy. He’s sleeping in the children’s bedroom now.

Spidey’s legs walked off when I tried the sweater on him. This is a super secret sweater I knitted for Sarah’s Action!Joe. I hope he likes it. 🙂

FYI, Action!Joe is a toy soldier action figure which Sarah so cleverly modified to look like Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis. It’s winter soon and he needs a new sweater.

I hope he likes the colour.

Mmmalabrigo. Mmmm lace. I thought their Merino Worsted is soft, ohboy, this is uber soft and smooth. I can’t stop petting it! It’s a nice bright shade of red, the colourway is called Amoroso and I have 2 full skeins of it which I bought from a Raveler (bartons15). She has plenty of FSOT (for sale or trade) yarn so go and check out her stash.

I still have no idea what to do with this yarn so I’ll pack it away for now and see what happens.

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