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Saturdays around these parts are usually spent catching up on TV and reading and knitting, and yes the odd housework. Today, however was different. I was meeting up with a fellow knitter. Yes! In the flesh! It was kind of surreal because, like Lulu said to me, up until a month or so ago I thought I was the only knitter in the whole of the UAE. Which was of course an absurd thing to even consider, however not having met any other knitter in person, would you blame me for wandering down that path?

That myth was busted in pieces when I was invited by Hala to join the UAE Knitters group in Ravelry. Most of the members are in Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital where they do fortnightly SnB’s which I plan to join one of these Fridays.

Anyway, Lulu and I got to chatting first via PM’s in Ravelry and then email. She expressed interest in my Knit Picks Options needles so I said one day we can meet up and I can show her the needles. She emailed me last Thursday to say she would like to come over to Dubai to meet. I first offered to welcome her to my home but due to the kids having to meet up with friends we had to change the venue to Deira City Centre.

I was late because taxis refused to go to Deira, even though it is not the nasty part of Deira, plus Joseph cut himselfon a broken piece of glass in the kitchen sink so I had to play nurse for a bit. Lulu is a very engaging person, she’s very honest which I liked very much. And she loved my Knit Picks Options! She also took away my Trekking XXL yarn, grabbed it and never let go! 🙂 She promised to show me the socks that she would knit with the yarn. She also took away the three remaining Knit Picks Sock Needle set to show the girls in Abu Dhabi so hopefully they would all take them.

Earlier last week I met Jennifer (Desert Knitter) and was amazed at the amount of yarn she has stocked up ready for her shop opening, which she said has sadly been postponed again. Anyway, only the Wendy Pure Bamboo tempted me so I bought enough to make a poncho for Isabelle, a shrug for me and leftover for maybe a Dream Swatch Scarf.

Going to Deira City Centre meant shopping, although that wasn’t my original agenda. The camera shops are always tempting, and I am oh so weak. Armed with the husband’s debit card, I gave in and bought the Canon 50mm/f1.8 prime lens. As soon as I was able to find somewhere to sit, off came the kit lens and on the new prime lens. I said an appreciative goodbye to the kit lens and welcomed the new one with a wide smile and open arms. Here are a few photos from our first tryst.

Aibi (she doesn’t like to be called Eivy anymore) contemplating something deep.

Joseph was making faces so I took the lower part of his face out of the frame.

Patrick always likes having his photo taken.
I asked Aibi to take a photo of me knitting and this is what she came up with. God, my nails look awful!

That was a lot better than the first shot, which is here in case you want to see my knuckles!

All these photos were taken at the Columbus Cafe shop next to Virgin Megastores. I think my capuccino is trying to tell me something.

Speaking of purchases, I found a copy of EZ’s Knitting Without Tears. I am taking this sweater-knitting thing very seriously and want to know everything there is to know about it before I cast on.

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