Out in the park yesterday to celebrate Bernie’s birthday, which is actually tomorrow. I had fun with the camera a bit.

Pricklies all around. What else would a garden in a park in Dubai have but cactus, and so many varieties of it too?

The greens and the drab grey of the sand was broken by random bursts of colour.

Barbecue was superb as usual. Washed down with some Chardonnay thank to Bernie’s mom.

My son said these were tires with the cars stuck upside down under the sand.

We had a guest at the barbecue, a lovely heathered stray who scooched up close enough to meow for food but would just as soon skeddadle off when we tried to touch her.

The trees and the grass are probably so pleased that the weather has now turned. No more brown patches see?

The mandatory ice box and rice cooker. And chips!

Isabelle leading the way to the picnic area. A great day was had by all. Tomorrow we’ll have cake. 🙂

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