It must be Christmas

Last Sunday I received one of them notice slips from the post office saying I have a parcel from the USA. Now I have a slip of paper on my desk at work with a list of items I have ordered online. So far three items have been ticked off, but a few are still pending. The slip from the post office unfortunately does not give me more information so I had no idea which parcel it was!

Because all parcel items must be collected from the Central Post Office, where they open only from 8am until 8pm and they are out of my way home at night after work, I had to ask the husband to swing by the post office in Karama to collect my stuff. He did that tonight. We met up at Bur Dubai as usual but we had to get a demand draft drawn up for our Canadian immigration application so I didn’t get to see the parcel box until I got in the car. I could have opened it there and then but I wanted to capture the moment in photographs. I enlisted my daughter’s help.

Out of all the goodies in this photo, one box was mine. Photo courtesy of Sundara, this is their October mailing.

So this is me with my very own first mailing of the Sundara Seasons Collection. I don’t usually grin like this.

See how I attack that baby? I wanted my yarn. Now!

Peek-a-boo! I don’t see it yet but I love the green tissue paper.

And there it is!
100% Superwash Merino Sundara Sock Yarn. *loves*
I love the sticker, but in my excitement to get my grabby hands on the yarn I ripped it into pieces.
It’s one of my favourite colourways. I love the mix of different shades of blue. It’s so good
to look at and to touch that I almost can’t bear to think about knitting it up.
It’s called Cerulean Seas. I need a Pirates of the Carribean inspired sock pattern please. Or a skinny scarf perhaps?
When it rains, it pours. Or when Christmas comes in October, it comes with a vengeance. The dainty stitch markers from Etsy arrived today as well.
They look so cute, even good enough to use as pendants on black leather I think.
Three’s a charm and the third part of this surprise is the pattern for Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Adult Surprise Jacket which arrived today in the mail. It was so nice of them to add a handwritten note too saying online pattern downloads will be available from 2009. That’s great news for international customers.

I wish everyday was Christmas. šŸ™‚

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