Ready for winter

My knitting has suffered a bit these past few days. Oh the stash-building does not stop but the amount of time spent actually knitting has diminished considerably. It’s not because I don’t have enough projects to work on, no sir! I have 5 UFO’s on the needles. It’s definitely not because I lost the passion for the craft. I just haven’t got the time to do it.

The kids gets picked up by the bus at 5:40 am, which is a crime I think, and they tell us that sometimes they don’t get to school until after the first period is over. What’s up with that? Over two hours spent on the road over a not-so-long distance between our house and the school? Okay, so they take a winding route through the city to pick up other kids, but 2 hours in the bus and they still get there late? My husband would have none of it so since Sunday we have been dropping the kids off at school. It involves a bit of sacrifice on our part because it meant we have to leave for work much earlier than we normally do. I’ve been arriving at the office at 7:30 am since Sunday.

I always knit in the car on the way to work but because at 5:30 am it is still dark out, I have no time to do it. So I take a nap (yeah right!), but by the time I open my eyes we are almost at the office so I don’t even bother taking the knitting out. I make plans in my head to make a cup of coffee and knit for half an hour in the quiet office before everyone starts trickling in, but when I sit at my desk, in front of my PC, all I could do is check my emails and make sure I am up to speed on the day ahead. I barely even have time to get the kettle boiling!

So it was such a pleasant surprise when I finished these gloves last night.

He loves them but doesn’t think he will wear them while driving as the wool is slippery and he can’t grab the steering wheel properly. I tried them on and I love how the cable rows hug your wrists.

I can see myself knitting up a few more pairs for the men in my family. Or even the women! Thanks, Cheryl Niamath for dreaming up such a fun, easy and fabulous pattern.

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