Twelve months ago

A little over a year ago, I remember picking up that plastic tub of acrylic yarn with size 9 plastic needles at Ajman City Centre and being really excited about teaching myself how to knit. It was actually weeks later when I tore the wrapper away from that tub.

Then came the inevitable:

  • I bought books at local bookshops and online
  • I Googled ‘knitting’
  • I watched videos more times that I care to admit
  • I joined knitting forums
  • I collected free patterns
  • I started building up my yarn stash

I still remember the first online order I ever made. They were Crystal Palace Fjord and Kid Merino for the Fingerless Mitten knit-along project in a LiveJournal community bought from The Woolly Workshop. Not having a local yarn store is a nightmare when you see all those lovely patterns calling for wool yarn when all you get locally is cheap acrylic.

I have come a long way since then. I now have an IKEA hamper with part of my stash and one section of the children’s closet for another set of stash. I have started using ziplock bags too as apparently that is how you keep the yarn safe and clean. I also have needles coming out of my ears! I will take photos soon to show you.

Now then, Christmas is around the corner and there are plenty of little knits that I want to get done for family and friends. First on the list are mini sweaters called Cheers by Cheryl Niamath.

This is a great stash-buster. I have accumulated a few balls of leftover yarn over the past year and they are perfect for projects like this. Here are the first three in Christmassy colours. The green with the garter stitch hem is Cascade Pastaza. The red with ribbed hem is KnitOne CrochetToo Temptation. The yellow with my own made-up seed stitch hem is Lion Brand Cotton. I have a few more to do, but for now I need to figure out how to make the little hangers to put them up on the tree when the time comes.

Here’s an update on the scarf. I knitted two pattern repeats last night, and because we were watching Heroes and CSI while I knit, I missed out one, maybe two rows just there. Can you see it? I can’t bring myself to unravel it so I am keeping it there. I doubt if my mother-in-law would notice.

Also new yarn! These arrived last Thursday so it was the perfect start to my weekend. My first order from The Loopy Ewe. My first skein of TRekking XXL, which might be knit up as socks, or maybe cosmicplutknits’ Simple Yet Effective Shawl.

This, so far, is the most expensive yarn I have ever purchased. It’s so soft and smooth and smells really nice. Hand Maiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk in the Lily Pond colourway. I wanted to knit up Amy Singer’s Montego Bay Scarf using the yarn called for in the pattern but now that I have seen the yarn I am thinking of knitting a different scarf.

And I ordered some more sock yarns today. *grins*

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