Seeing pink

If you asked anyone who knew me growing up to describe me, they would probably use words like “quiet”, “loner”, “friendly” and “tomboy-ish”. My parents didn’t spoil me and my siblings with things but we received plenty of TLC. With just 12 months and 5 days age gap between me and my baby sister, not to mention a grandmother and a mother who are trained and practicing dressmakers, we were the poster girls of identical dresses in our family. I think it was only the face and the shoes that were different.

When we were young, it was fun dressing up, and dressing up the same. I think it was when I turned 10 that I decided I would like to wear that same dress in a different colour from my sister’s. She loved yellows and would always call dibs on the sunshiney yellow fabrics. I gravitated towards the blues and greens. She had a Hello Kitty doll and accessories. I had a pet cat who loved snuggling up in my bed even though she wasn’t allowed inside the house. She had that Jamie from Voltes 5 dress up kit she bought from school after saving up two weeks’ worth of allowance. I watched Voltes 5 with my cousins. She was the girly girl who loved ribbons and pink stuff. I was the weird older sister who only wore jeans and t-shirts. You get the picture.

So it was a surprise when I took a recent inventory of my knitting WIPs and yarn stash to find that I have plenty of rosy shades in there. To wit, below from left to right: the left arm of my Evening Shrug in Classic Elite Yarns Premier Tawny Port, my Roll Brimmed Chemo Cap in Cascade Pastaza No. 278, Branching out in Rowan Cotton Glace Raspberry and Rose’s Wristwarmers in Luxury Alpaca Peru in Dusty Rose.

Looking at these pictures, I am having second thoughts now on the chemo cap. It is too bright and cheerful for me. But the yarn is so nice and the project is easy to make.

These two are okay. The wristwarmers are proving to be tedious, but I need to get them done because I made a promise. The Cotton Glace is okay enough, besides the scarf will be presented to my mother-in-law anyway and she is kinda girly.

Next time I go stash-building, I will keep in mind that I am not girly.

Incidentally, we are about to have our very first LYS here in Dubai. Jenny, the Desert Knitter, is apparently opening up a shop next month. I cannot wait to be there for opening day!

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