New Yarn

I have a long-ish list of yarn on order waiting for delivery. Nothing is more agonising than that, and hoping that your postal service will not crumble in the meantime.

Dubai Post Office’s parcel service is okay but it is damn inconvenient having to go to the main post office to collect your items. Because we use post office boxes, it is not ideal to stuff 20 balls of yarn into a rectangular metal box about 7 inches high by 12 inches wide. So, we get a slip of paper telling us a parcel has arrived from whichever country and that we have 30 days to collect it before they ship it back to sender. Oh and there’s a 20 cent fee per day that you don’t collect it after the 8th day of your parcel arriving.

During Ramadan, they operate on 3 shifts, neither of which are convenient to my office timing nor my way home. I have to go out of my way to collect my yarns. Hopefully today I will get around to it.

In the meantime, the yarn I bought from Jenny arrived yesterday. This is the Amish Shawl fingering weight merino/nylon mix. I wound this up into a ball last nght, by hand! All 480 yards of it while watching ER reruns. This is as close to the actual colour as you can get. It’s funny that it smells like berries, maybe Jenny used Kool Aid blueberry to dye this?

This pretty thing is the Tatamy Tweed. I have 4 balls of this which would probably be done up as an Anthropologie capelet for my sister or a cardigan for one of the kids. Not sure yet.

I will post photos of the other yarns as soon as I rescue them from the Karama Central Post Office!

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