She loves it!

She loves her Anouk!

I presented it to her yesterday after quickly sewing on the buttons and adjusting the side flaps. She didn’t take it off the whole time that we were there.

As you can see it looks a tad small so I promised her I would make another one, a bigger one which can actually be worn as a dress. I have enough yarn leftover and will probably do a stripey version next.

As you can see here there wasn’t enough space to put on a second pocket, or at least I think so anyway. Since it took me so long to finish this, my niece has grown bigger and it’s now shrunk! I’m only worried because I have not knitted anything with lots of modifications. I also want to knit it as a proper dress without the side flaps. I would choose circular knitting over flat knitting any day. Check out my Ravelry project page for more info.

This here is my first Clapotis. I got gauge on the Elann Bamboo Fusion yarn in colorway Wisteria. It is such a lovely yarn to work with. The above WIP photo shows it on the 6th repeat of the Increase Row. I’m now on the Straight Rows and second ball of yarn. Still a long way to go but it is such a fun project to knit that I am enjoying it so much!

This is a stitch marker which the lovely ladies at Make One Yarn Studio sent me. I find the plastic markers a bit sticky on the metal needles so I tried this on. I was afraid it would weigh down the knitting but it actually doesn’t. Looks like I will be hunting for some of these lovely markers soon.

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