Still here

It’s really funny how life just decides, one day, out of the blue, to grab you tightly on both hands and just drag you along for a ride. Well, maybe not really but that’s how I feel about the past few weeks. The days just blur into each other and when I get the chance to come up for air I find out it’s the weekend again.

Now I’m just like every other 9-to-5 girls out there who enjoys the arrival of the weekend but when you have a lot of work that needs to be done, like yesterday, the weekend is not your best friend. Neither are system reboots and unexpectedly long lunches by the boss but one has to learn how to work around them.

The worst part of it all is missing the entire thing. Stop and smell the roses as it were. Heck! I haven’t even got time most days to get up and pee! No, my office chair does not stink but it can’t be good for the body going to the loo just once a day throughout the working day right? I hardly notice the goings on in the office lately. I’m so behind on office gossip! Some might say it’s a good thing so that I can concentrate on my work, but a little spice is not always bad. My boss is one for not taking yourself too seriously so I should just follow his example. But then that would mean playing Solitaire on the computer when I’m getting bored with a telephone call or watching videos on YouTube when someone sends me a link.

Yes, my boss is that cool.

I keep promising myself that I will slow down once the next big project or task is completed. But that’s just it, the big projects never stop. Every project is big. I just hope that at the end of this year I will be able to look back and see something concrete as a result of not taking time to smell the roses.

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