Life’s Little Pleasures

My Jaywalker is with me everywhere I go. In the car on the way to work, at home while watching TV before bedtime and yes, even at the Mall! I’m sure people who pass me by do a double-take and wonder what the heck I am doing with five pointy sticks. But honestly I don’t notice them because I am so engrossed with my knitting. I only fall short of trying the sock on in public!

The yarn is a bit splitty for my liking but I guess it happens when you are using tiny needles. Besides I do love the smooshiness of it. Speaking of which, does anyone get pricked with their Addis or Knit Picks metal needles? You may not see it properly but the pad of my index finger is sporting the mark of repeated pricks from my Knit Picks interchangeable. The points are too damn sharp! I don’t have a thimble and I know I should invest in one. I usually just put a Band-Aid around it to mask out the pointy ends.

We went to Dubai Festival City today and just had to check out the new Magrudy’s, the largest branch in all of UAE. We all went our separate ways once we got in. The two boys staked out the toy section, the husband went to the computer section, the daughter went hunting for magazines and I lounged around the burrent bestsellers. A few minutes later, daughter came to fetch me and said she found something that would please me.

This is what was hidden right at the back-end of the shop:

Yes, a shelf-full of yarns and needles! Most of it was Sirdar, can’t remember now what exactly they are but I did squee a bit and hugged the daughter for finding this. They have Inox straights and circulars too on the side.

I felt like I was in heaven! I hope the stock will grow more with other brands.

Here is my latest FO, a variation of the Curly Q hat pattern. He wanted a new hat but didn’t want the girly Curly Qs so off they went and I decreased until I had 12 stitches. I tried the Kitchener Stitch for the first time. Worked like a charm!

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