It’s must be my birthday

Or maybe Christmas in August?

Remember this post ? I received a note from the post office yesterday saying there is a parcel from the USA which needs to be collected in person. I was not sure which parcel it was as I had three en route from the US. Yes, I know I am not supposed to be buying any more yarn but I swear these three parcels were the last ones I ordered before I was temporarily banned from online purchases.

Anyway, I couldn’t leave the office yesterday to go and pick up the parcel as it was a busy Sunday as always. I asked the husband if we could swing past the post office on the way home, but he was already running an errand before picking me up to drop off some items to a colleague at work who was going home to Manila. We packed up a small parcel for V including the wash cloths I knitted for her, a set of lead pencils for her drawing classes, a teddy bear from the arcade we won last week and a signed postcard from David Tennant (Doctor Who) which I got through Headway.

Where was I? Oh yes, the parcel. So we only managed to go to the post office this morning. I got the first ticket out of the Q-system and, as I told Julia in my email, I was grinning like a loony when they wheeled out this box for inspection. The old guy who opened up the parcel smiled when he saw the yarn and I grinned even wider at the sight of the bundle of Raspberry Rowan Cotton Glace! He even knew that those things were used to make sweaters. So cool. He taped the box back up and handed it over to me. I did wait until we were in the car to rip it open again for a closer look.

The yarn is even prettier in person. I have settled on a pattern for the light blue and raspberry yarn. I will probably make it bigger as there are no babies within a 5 mile radius of our family right now. V would definitely love it so I might make it for her, even as a cover for her stuff at the dorm. The lilacs will definitely be knit up as a shrug for myself. I love love love the colours! And so kind of Julia to add a really pretty Fricknote in lilac too.

I am still unsure about the dark blue yarn though. Might be a purse? I’ve been looking at lovely beaded purse patterns and although they look complicated, I think they’re doable. Too bad not many people read my blog. I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone knows any free pattern I can use for my stash.

Photos of the new addition to my stash coming up shortly.

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