Knitting is not a cheap hobby. This is merely an observation and not a complaint.

I am not the type of person who keeps and records each and every cent that goes out of my purse or bank account, but if I were to tally everything that I have spent on this new hobby of mine, I would say it comes to a total of over US$1000 to date. This includes yarn, needles, notions, books, magazines and patterns.

I’ve shown you my stash and it’s soon-to-be addition, now let me show you my books. Because my ISP is still blocking out Ravelry, I cannot add these to my library there.

The first three were picked up at Borders here at the Mall of the Emirates two weeks ago. My daughter E jumped at the sight of the first one and wants a Gryffindor school vest.

This is a fun book. The patterns look easy enough to follow even for a fairly novice knitter like me. The problem would be finding the right yarn or its suitable alternative, not to mention the time to do them!

How many days until Christmas? So many lovely homely things to knit from this book.

These next ones were bought a few months ago at Magrudy’s Deira City Centre.

Timeless classic designs. I love the sweaters and scarves and can’t wait to be proficient enough to tackle them.

A nice handy, pocket sized guide to knitting stitches and patterns. I didn’t realise there’s so many variations of the rib pattern!

My Amazon wish list includes a few EZ books and her DVD plus One Skein Wonders and a couple others on socks. It’s always good to have these books handy but I hope to be able to find the time to read them and then knit the projects too.

So, what’s on your bookshelf?

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