Knitting up for Dubai winter

After I gave away my first Calorimetry to my niece, I have always longed to knit one for myself. I couldn’t quite find the right yarn until recently when I finished the ribbed hat for E. There was plenty left of the Cascade Pastaza and it was the right weight which should provide ample warmth during winter in Dubai. Ha! Winter and Dubai are not necessarily two words you would hear in one sentence, but yes the temperature does drop down a bit around late November until mid March.

The pink is much to sharp for me so I added two rows of lighter pink on either end of the piece. The button is temporary until I find something more suitable. I really like this project and see myself making more in various types and colours of yarn.

I put the socks aside (again!) and now I’m actually thinking of frogging the whole thing and starting over with a definite pattern and not just the standard toe up stockinette ones. Ambitious much? I hope not. I got the hang of using the magic loop and even felt comfortable with DPNs now so I might just do it one sock at a time.

Until then I am using these lovely Lion Brand primary colour yarns to knit up some washcloths for V, which I will send in a care package as soon as they’re done. The pattern is by Star Athena and can be found here. I do not have many colour options but I think keeping it simple and basic is a good start. The yarn is surprisingly soft and lovely to work with; I wouldn’t have expected it from a 100% cotton yarn. I have a multi-coloured ball which I will use for the duplicate stitches. I hope V loves them!

This weekend, in between knitting, spending time with the kids, cooking and just doing general housekeeping, I am winding these skeins of Berroco Cotton Twist into balls. There’s 9 skeins of the Tea Rose and 1 of the Delft which will be knit up as a Slit Neck Vest for moi. This will be my first garment for myself and I hope I can pull it off. I’m re-reading the pattern whenever I get the chance and hoping that I will not make any mistakes because I probably wouldn’t be able to bear it if I have to frog it.

Final week of summer holidays for the kids so they’re on training mode now for early bedtime. Up until now they’ve been going to bed past midnight and getting up 12 hours later. What a lazy bunch, eh? There’s not much to do though as it’s summer so it’s okay, but they need to adjust their body clocks slowly or there will be tears in the first couple of weeks or so of school.

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