She wanted a new hat. So I knitted one for her. It’s good that she is on hand to try it on as I knitted along otherwise she would have ended up with either a too-tight or too-loose a hat.

I used Cascade Pastaza in colourways 021 and 275 and two circulars US size 8 (5mm). I was going to add one big and two small pompoms but she didn’t want them. I have a fair bit of yarn leftover and now need to figure out what to do with them. I was thinking a striped Calorimetry?

Here is the finished hat, just got them off the needles 20 minutes ago. They are really warm and would go down really well during winter. Should I block this? If so, I would appreciate tips as I have not properly blocked any project before.

Thanks to my daughter for modelling her new hat!

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