And now for some fandom knitting

Now that I finished my first pair of Fetching (photo to follow as soon as my daughter wakes up to model them!), I thought it best not to lose my momentum in using DPNs.

This is the Luxury Alpaca Peru yarn in Red Heather which I ordered from the Wonderful Women at Wool-Tyme (thanks, Victoria!) which will be knit up as Rose’s Wristwarmers for two friends.

I cast-on last night and kept knitting while watching Stargate Continuum. Which was a mistake because now I have to watch it all over again. Darn. LOL.

It looks really small compared to the photo of the finished product on the pattern but the yarn is so stretchy that Iit even fits me. Plus the yarn is so soft, makes it easy to work with. The downside is I have never read from a cable chart before and I am always having to second guess myself. That, or count my stitches before I start another round. Or I just need a marker on my chart so I won’t lose my place. I’ll probably take time to write out the pattern as I find it easier to work that way.

I am using aluminum DPNs which is nice because I like how they feel, but they are so slippery! I need to get wood ones soon, the Brittany ones I used for Fetching worked out really well.

I don’t know who will own this first glove, maybe S and S can just flip for it!

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