I don’t know why I was afraid of DPNs. I guess it was the idea of taming three to four pointy needles with another one, all the while making sure you follow a pattern and not knit on the wrong needle. Oh and not to poke your eye in the process!

Apart from I-cords, Fetching by Cheryl Niamath is the first project where I am using DPNs. I also waited a very long time to knit this because DiscountYarnSale.com took a long time to send my order. Apparently they don’t stock Debbie Bliss yarns and put them on special order so it took about 5 months before I received the yarn. I have 10 balls of this soft, smooshy yarn and cannot wait to knit them all up! I plan on using this yarn for Rose’s Wristwarmers as well.

Here is a closer look at the gloves. The cable rounds look okay to me but on this photo they look weird. I tried it on this morning as well and they fit perfectly! I am using 4.5mm needles which is a touch bigger than what the pattern calls for. And because I do not have 4mm DPNs! They seem alright I think. I hope to finish one pair this weekend – it’s a public holiday.

We do have Joseph’s birthday to celebrate on Friday but it shouldn’t take so long.

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