Knitting’s gone to the dogs!

This little guy and the baby hat he is wearing are baby shower presents to a colleague at work who is expecting her first baby in August.

I decided a couple of months ago that I would knit her baby something, not booties because I am hopeless like that, but I thought a hat is a good, safe bet. The pattern is from Crystal Palace Yarns and I used the exact same colourway as indicated in the pattern.

This is the quickest knit I have ever done. I cast-on on Thursday evening and since it was too late to do anything else I left it like this.

For some reason I couldn’t quite sleep well after that, it could have been the exciting prospect of knitting something. And on a deadline too because I told my husband that I needed to have the hat ready for the baby shower on Sunday! In the first place I was wondering whether my daughter would be online so I could chat with her, so I got up at 7am, checked my mobile for any message then tried YIM to see if she is online. After that I kind of just lost any need for sleep. So I picked up my cast on and started knitting.

I sat quietly and alone in the living room while the rest of the family snored their heads off! Fun times. I got up at about 9.30 because I needed coffee.

I knitted right through to lunch and then we had to go out to look at a new bed so I brought my knitting along. I was knitting all over the place and even at the restaurant while we waited for our food. But sadly I didn’t get to finish it on the first day. I kept on knitting on the Saturday and by 2pm I was done. Here is the hat all done up, no yarn ends peeking through.

Can someone tell me if I should block this? I gave it away to the expectant mom but I can always get it back to finish the project properly.

I grabbed one of those small desk globes from the children’s study and used it to model the hat. I’m quite proud of it.

Now the mom doesn’t know if her baby is a girl or a boy so I thought this green/blue mix of yarn is perfect. Once she delivers and it turns out to be a girl, I promised to knit a pink or yellow hat. I am making a second hat in the same Seascape colourway for a colleague of my husband’s who had her baby on Saturday night. I’ve just started the decrease rounds and hope to have it finished in the car on the way home tonight.

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