Knitting update

These yarns, sadly, are not mine. I just nicked them from the interweb. Looks really smooshy and yummy, yeah?

I have finished two projects this past week, one of them have been on my needles for months on end! So you can imagine how glad I am to see it all bound off and blocked and ready to be used. Here is a showcase of the projects I have completed so far.

This bag was the first one I ever knitted. The pattern is Striped Bag from The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton. The yarn is acrylic and came in a plastic tumbler with awful plastic needles. It’s knitted flat in stockinette stitch. I sewed on a silk lining inside the bag before doing the seams on the bottom and the sides. I frogged the 6-stitch knitted handle and will be replacing it with a 4-stitch I-cord. I think it will look much neater.

This scarf is my trial project in changing yarns and adding a fringe. Cheap acrylic yarn, but it handles very nicely. Garter stitch only. A colleague at work is now the proud owner of this.

My first Calorimety! I say first because I plan to make more. I used Crystal Palace Kid Merino Fog Green and Fjord Vine Green held throughout. These were taken at the Celine Dion concert in Dubai back in March 2008. I had nothing better to do in the 2 hour wait for the show so I knitted and finished a project! My niece Isabelle now owns this.

There was plenty of the Fjord left so I knitted up this Cabled Hat pattern for my son. First time I did cables, simple ones anyway but I loved it!

Child’s Eart Hat with Tassels. Made with Crystal Palace Puffin in Lilac. This was the first time I knitted in the round with two circular needles. I enjoyed making this project. My son is modelling it here but this now belongs to his big sister.

There was plenty of leftover Puffin so I made my niece a hat. This is Child’s Hat from the Crystal Palace website but with the added pom pom on top.

I love love love Noro Kureyon! This is Booga Bag in Noro Kureyon No. 95 for my daughter. I did hate doing the I-cord because it felt like I knitted ten thousand miles! I made a mistake in the felting though because for some reason it didn’t quite shrink even after three rounds in the wash. She loves it though which is why I made her a mobile phone case with the leftover yarn.

This is my latest finished project. Bucket Bag by Janice Farrell Pea using Noro Kureyon No. 207. I just loved every minute of this! This is the bag pre-felting.

Close up of the wedges at the bottom.

My younger daughter modelling the bag. Huh? She fancied it as a Rasta hat.

Anouk for my niece is still a WIP. This is the front of the dress sitting on stitch holders at the moment while I try and find time to finish the back and the rest of it.

This was the early stages of my Kid Merino and Little Flowers Scarf (Colourway: Tulip).

A bit of improvement. Although my technique is shabby because you can see the uneven stitches there.

And then, 6 months later, it’s finally done! Yes!

Ugh! I hate seeing those uneven stitches.

This is my latest cast-on, Fetching by Cheryl Niamath. I love the yarn, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It was so worth the 5 month wait from

Oh and of course, not to forget my first pair of socks!
Here they are just after I have knitted a few rows for the toes. I’m using the Magic Loop method, which thank God I was able to do after buying the extra long Addi Turbos from Bob and Nancy. The yarn is Shibui Knits in colourway Stone.

This is a more recent photo. I’m just about ready to start on the heels (yikes!!). Since these are my first socks and I learned it all by myself and using the fabulous tutorials available, can someone tell me if the toes look about right? I think they’re a bit too pointy but when try them on my feet they seem to stretch out just fine.

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