Holiday Diary

Since I don’t know how to cross-post between LJ and Blogger, here are the links to my holiday journal over at LJ. The links will be added as soon as I am done putting up the post and the photos.

Part 1: At the airport
Part 2: Hong Kong Disneyland
Part 3: More Disneyland!
Part 4: Have you had enough of Disneyland yet?
Part 5: Yes, there’s more Disneyland
Part 6: Last day at Disneyland
Part 7: Kowloon City
Part 8: Hong Kong Island Part 1
Part 9: Hong Kong Island Part 2
Part 10: Ocean Park
Part 11: Manila

More to follow. I am not sure how many parts this will be as I am trying to control the number of photos in case some of you are on dial-up.

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