Dubai Marina Walk at Night

These are some of the photos I took during the Night Shot photography class I went to last week.

The fountain was the focal point of the Marina Walk. Kids were literally taking a shower in it! The play of water and light was just too mesmerizing, and darned frustrating when timing your shot!

Trying to capture a clear reflection of the buildings before the water started dancing again.

I love this shot. Probably one of the first ones I did with the correct exposure and without tripping on the legs of my own tripod!

This was another shot I liked. You can see the shadow of someone walking past on the right but the main scene is sharp and there is enough light.

I just love the lights on the water!

And those buildings provided a lot of photo opportunity.

That line created by the lights was something everyone in my class tried to capture.

Forget what I said above, this is my favourite photo of the night.

The reflections are just too tempting.

This was one tall shot!

I love the blur of the people walking past against the sharpness of everything else.

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