I’ve been bit!

Note: Pictured above is a scarf for my daughter. I decided to try the elongated stitch on this.
I’m almost through with the first ball of yarn and have two more to go.

I cannot remember exactly when it happened but a few months ago I found myself spending a lot of time in the crafts section of every bookshop that I go to. In particular I was browsing through knitting books, trying to see which ones were the best for beginners like me. I ended up with The Knitter’s Bible by Claire Crompton. It has illustrated guides and has plenty of beginner patterns which are very good when mastering the basic stitches.

But not having anyone physically next to me who can offer help or tips, it has been really difficult learning the basics. It also didn’t help that I didn’t know the first thing about where to get knitting supplies in Dubai. I turned to trusty ol’ Google and lo! and behold there was an article on Virtual Tourist which directed me towards Fida in Satwa. I dragged the kids there one Saturday afternoon and got crazy buying needles and yarns.

So I have the materials, what next?

Again, I turned to Google and it spewed out a link to a knitting site which has an extensive video library that shows you how to cast on, do knit and purl stitches, bind off, etc. I highly recommend this site whether you are a beginner or an advanced knitter, because it can be a good refresher on basic and advanced techniques.

So I learned to knit from reading the book and watching the videos online.

So far I finished a tote bag, a scarf with fringe and an uneven pair of wristwarmers. The pattern for the gloves come from an online knitting community from Live Journal which I joined not long ago. The recent onslaught of membership questionnaires that were being posted almost turned me off the community but really I have nowhere else to go, not here in Dubai anyway, so I am sticking around. The moderator will post free patterns as group projects every two weeks I think. The fingerless gloves is the first project. I ordered the yarns online and while waiting for them to arrive I pulled out some spare yarn and made the wristwarmers.

I’ve also started compiling free patterns from various knitting sites (straw.com, knitty.com, lionbrand.com are good places to start) and hope to get started on some serious knitting.

Does anyone know where the good knitting supply shops in Manila are?

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