Sweet Sixteen

My daughter Viel will turn 16 in March. This would be her last birthday in Dubai because she is off to Manila for university in May. And of course I want to make it special.

Her father and I plan to take the kids out to Burj Al Arab for brunch on Viel’s actual birthday (the 28th). It’s not going to be cheap but it’s another way of making it special. I think the Burj is something that every resident in Dubai should experience at least once – even if it’s just to see what the hype is all about. Besides Patrick will also celebrate his birthday in March so it will be more than one celebration.

I have also been looking at cakes, such as the one pictured above. It’s a little fancy but it should make her happy, I know it will. We’ll have the cake for family, her friends and classmates. I found a cake supplier in Dubai who makes these gorgeous cakes and if it turns out amazing I will consider using them for the office too.

There is this lovely diamond necklace I saw at a shop and have been wrestling as to whether she is responsible enough for it. Knowing she is going home to Manila does not help what with the kind of crime rate there. I don’t want her to fall prey to violence just because she is wearing something precious. Not unless she can make sure to take it off when she goes out of the house!

Hmm, maybe I’ll leave it for her 21st birthday.

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