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Wordless Wednesday #38

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camels in the empty quarter

TBT #7

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Remembering a fun day at a speed photography opportunity at Gulf Photo Plus in November 2012. Graciela was my favourite of all 3 models that day. She was fun fun fun to work with. Shame I only had 3 minutes with her.

Wordless Wednesday #37

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beginning to look a lot like christmas

Last week

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Earlier this year, I casually mentioned to the husband that we should try and go to the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi while we can. It’s only been going on for 6 years and we probably would not be able to go to any other Grand Prix anyway. That’s one of the good things about living in the UAE, concerts, movies, events like this are far more affordable that if we were back in the Philippines.

So this past weekend was a double celebration: our first Grand Prix and my birthday.
f1 - sunday
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TBT #6

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Why is it that when you look at pictures of children, time seems to go really fast? This was taken sometime in 2008, a little over 6 years ago and I can’t believe just how much my children have grown since then. Whereas I feel like I am standing still, but getting more grey hairs in the process! Yes, we bought the Twilight books, and read them, and saw the films. I regret ever doing so.

And yes, time may have moved on but they are as crazy now as they were back then. I would not change it for the world. Except maybe hit the pause button every now and then so that I can savour each moment just a bit longer. Miss you, kids! See you real soon.

Wordless Wednesday #36

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Hamilton #44

Wordless Wednesday #35

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black out

blackout moon

TBT #5

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Throwback to our first trip up Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain. Kids, look at how tiny you were! NOt sure what Patrick was upset about, but he clearly was not amused.
The Weekend That Was

I miss our roadtrips. Looking forward to our next one in December – Tagaytay, here we come!

Wordless Wednesday #34

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The money shot! Also throwback to a lovely Thursday evening in May 2014.

money shot

Yarn is serious business

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These ladies take their yarn the same way they take their superheroes, scifi TV, food, fitness, work and pretty much everything else: seriously!  Just look at the level of concentration as Ruth tries to make a decision between those two skeins!

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