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Lessons in Crafting Part 2

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Yes, I’m not quite done learning. I don’t think anyone every really is. But this particular lesson I learned is the stuff made of facepalms and doh moments.

I have made a few bags following this fairly simple and easy pattern; I have had a few tumbles with the zipper but figured it out along the way, after lots of swearing and ripping and more swearing. I’m happy with the finished work and since I acquired some new funky fabric, I thought I’d make more bags. A knitter can never have too many project bags! And project bags, in this case, is interchangeable with yarn, needles, cables, patterns, yarn…you get the idea.

Anyway, on with the lessons.
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Throwback Thursday 7.2015

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“What the Finn?!?”
Yes, that’s what she was saying. Not the other thing.
what the finn?!

Wordless Wednesday 7.2015

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jupiter rising

This is Sparta!

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One month ago today, I participated in the first sporting event ever as an adult. Well, calling it a sporting event might be too much, it’s just a 10k road race. Anyway, I surprised myself by actually completing it within a decent time. Much respect to the folks in the office who actually ran the 10k and not brisk-walked the entire way. Soon after, we were talking about participating in more sporting, team-building events. One of which was the first ever Spartan Race to be held in Dubai.

We signed up thinking it would be fun to get involved, not realizing it actually requires some sort of effort. And training! We lacked that last one terribly. It wasn’t really until we were in the race that we realized just how serious these obstacle course racers were! Anyway, we put up a team, and at the last minute our boss had to bail due to a hurt leg so I asked my husband to take his place, which Bernie gladly agreed to. First achievement of the day: turning up on time! Yay!
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Throwback Thursday 6.2015

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Baguio City, Christmas Day 2013.

New Year’s Day, 2014. Rooftop fireworks with the family.
new year 2014

Wordless Wednesday 6.2015

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alqasr-brunch (44)

Throwback 5.2015

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Look at how tiny Baby Adrianna was! Well, this was in December 2013 after all.
baby a

Nash’s first horseback ride. He was such a trooper. But damn, the horses smelled so bad!

Treehugger! I love you, you know that, right? Think of it this way: you don’t see the stars during the day but they are there still watching over you.

Nash really wanted to play with this puppy.

Lessons in Crafting

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This past weekend, I had not one, but two instances which proved that you cannot take anything for granted, no matter how much of an expert you think you are, or how long you have been doing the same thing. Trusting your instinct is great but trusting instructions/patterns that have been proven time and again by hundreds of others before you is not something you can ignore.

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Throwback 4.2015

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Have you ever seen the fog rolling in in the Empty Quarter?

Have you ever jumped over a fairly high fence, landed on soft, cold, red desert sand and decided to have a walkabout at 2.30 in the morning?

Have you ever wanted to make sand angels and end up with sand e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e? I mean, everywhere?

Have you ever thought, walking back away from the open desert, that the sand shifts and creates deep wells that make it hard to walk without falling on your hands and feet and thought that wa sit, you were going to get buried in the desert and die out there?
anantara sunset

Nope? Me neither. Don’t know what I was talking about in the first place.
sunset yoga

Wordless Wednesday 5.2015

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christmas in p2 (6)


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