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First day out in Rasdhoo

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Continuing on with our Maldives adventure, we stayed in after breakfast as it had been raining overnight and until early morning. We booked to go on the full day island picnic but that was cancelled on account of rain. Later in the afternoon, the rain had stopped and we were told we could still go to nearby Madivaru Island for half the price if we wanted. Why, yes please!

You can actually see the whole island across the water but it was deep so no snorkeling or walking over. We took a short speedboat ride and then hopped out onto the shore. The locals and tourists use the island for picnics and barbecues, things which we could not really risk that day due to ominous rain clouds.
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Journey to Maldives

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Over 300 photos taken over 4 days. I will just have to post these in bite-size pieces. This post and the next few will be photo-heavy, so if you decide to read through to the end, thank you.

My husband, youngest son and I were talking about getting away for Eid Al Adha, probably out of the country to make the most of the long weekend. At first, I thought about Budapest because I wanted them to enjoy that same experience I had. But flights were difficult to organize and also we needed visas to go to Hungary and there would not have been enough time to organize that. Once again, I consulted the oracle, aka list of countries Filipinos can visit without a visa, and the Maldives seemed like the easy choice. The next difficult step was finding either a Cobone deal, or organizing flights and hotels on my own and hope that we get good value for cheap.

Trip Advisor is my friend, esp the traveller feedback, which is why I make it a point to write a review on any place we visit in case it might help another traveller. I try to tone down the sarcasm and negativity too but if it’s really a crap experience I won’t hesitate to say so.
boarding DXB-CMB

Anyway, I booked us on Sri Lankan Airlines as it was the only one which gave us flights that syncs with the ferry going from Airport/Male to any of the other islands in the Maldives. It was connecting via Colombo and only had a short stopover so we didn’t get a chance to see anything apart from the airport and the big Buddha.
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TBT #1

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It felt nice

Wordless Wednesday #31

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Fall TV season!

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It still makes me wonder what other people do when they don’t like watching TV. I know some people who like to go out and party with friends, or play sports or do something else. I suppose you do find other things to do when there’s no idiot box in your house. But I just can’t imagine not having the escape provided by my TV shows. It’s like an avid reader being stuck in a house where there is not a single thing to read, not even a telephone book!

I’m not judging, just wondering how different it might be if we didn’t have a TV. I’d be forced to talk to my husband and my son, and the cat. That or retreat deeper into my social networks on my phone. That is just sad. Thank goodness we have a TV!

And Fall TV is the best season ever. Warning: mild spoilers ahead in case you haven’t seen any of the new season premiers.
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Wordless Wednesday #30

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a peek at paradise

FO: Boxy Cape – a test knit

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Boxy Cape is a new pattern by the super talented and amazing Joji Locatelli. I was one of the lucky test knitters who had to keep this under wraps for a little longer than planned while Joji finishes up on other designs. It was hard, I tell you. I did show off my finished cape at the last Amiras meet-up where Jackie modeled it for me. Thanks, Joji for letting me test this!
boxy cape (1)

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It’s that time of the year again

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It’s Johann’s birthday – yay!

Feels like only a while ago when we attended his super cool airline-themed birthday party. This year’s theme, however, is bowling. Yay! So you can imagine, I brought along a pair of handknitted socks so that I could play too. I wouldn’t pass up a chance to knock down some pins whenever I can. For the knitters out there, this was the lucky pair I wore to the bowling party. Love me some STR and Cotty!

johann turns 6
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Are women ruled by their hormones?

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I’m not proud to say that in the past my fluctuating hormone levels have given rise to emotional and sometime dramatic outbursts. But this statement made by a female doctor in the UAE is nothing short of a heaping load of crap.

Along with not making decisions, Matar also advised women to avoid board meetings and drink green tea as “it will calm you down, you will be less violent”.

I can’t. I just can’t.

And I’m not even pre-menstrual right now!

Wordless Wednesday #29

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assembly line sewing


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