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Terrific Two

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Happy birthday, baby Adrianna!

We miss you and love you very much. Have a wonderful day.


baby a

hoodie baby

running girl

Wish me luck!

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It could be wishful thinking, but tomorrow I aim to own one of these.

Wish me luck as I jog/walk/hobble/crawl to the finish of the 10km Road Race of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon tomorrow.

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Throwback 2.2015

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One tiny hotel room. Two beautiful models. At least six photographers. I learned a lot about lighting in that one evening.



Wordless Wednesday 3.2015

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Throwback 1.2015

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At my leaving do with (some of) my Globaleye family, Juvy, Stefan and Zubair. I still have that awful Hawaiian shirt at the bottom of the cupboard – which is scheduled for a clear-out this weekend so if anyone wants a blue Hawaiian shirt for a themed party, let me know.

Wordless Wednesday 2.2015

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magic lamp

FO: A study in stripes

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Preeti and I did a KAL in summer last year. Gee, why does it sound like it was so long ago when it was only a few months in reality? Well,it was in 2014 so it is actually a while ago. Anyway, we talked about it and decided to knit Stripe Study Shawl together. I have made one in the past and decided I have way too many single skein sock yarns to make multiple colour combinations of the same shawl. And it’s garter stitch, what’s not to like?
sss-kal (3)
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Last few from 2014

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I’ve been back from holiday for over a week and I have not recovered fully. This feels like it did last year, but I will try and not make the same mistake of not uploading the photos I took of our holiday. This means I have two years worth of Christmas and New Year photos to edit and upload, hopefully before next Christmas!

In the meantime, here are some of the last few photos I took in Dubai before we left for our holiday. We visited the Ripe Market finally, and on a very busy day too as the Beat The Diabetes Walk was happening that day. I only bought manuka honey this time around, but I did join the open air yoga session and a bit of the acro yoga, which I loved so I must attend again soon.
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Wordless Wednesday 1.2015

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desert sunset


Wordless Wednesday #38

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camels in the empty quarter


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